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Content is a powerful marketing tool

The role of marketing is broader and more vital than ever. Promoting products is no longer enough.

Positioning your institution as a provider of solutions requires ongoing contact with consumers whenever, wherever and however they want.

Providing relevant information is the ideal way to have ongoing contact.

Useful content is a reason and a means to communicate.

Financial Wisdom is the source for all your content needs

Financial Wisdom is the source
for all your content needs

Hundreds of topics - consumers, young adults, small business

Many formats - text, HTML, social media, podcasts, worksheets, online class, small business calculators

Relevant, quick, easy to use

Flexible uses - website, E-newsletters, social media

Best Uses of Financial Wisdom Content

Consumers want and need help

The economy, housing prices and market volatility have created an environment where consumers are uncertain about their financial security.

The recession may officially be over, but continuing slow growth and the fear of sliding back into a recession are weighing consumers' minds.
Persistent high unemployment rates have undermined consumers' confidence in their jobs.
Drops in home values have shaken the core of many consumers' plans for their financial futures.
Values of retirement plans and investment portfolios have not recovered from levels of just a few years ago.

Consumers have been forced to examine their plans for retirement, the funding of their children's college educations and even their day-to-day spending.

Two types of Financial Wisdom services

CD-based Library of Content Service

For those seeking maximum flexibility, our Library of Content is delivered on a CD. You choose what to use and how to use it. There is no need to attribute the content to Financial Wisdom.

Content Topics
General Finance Financial/Life Events
Home/Residence Investing
Retirement Taxes/Estate Planning
Issues Facing Parents Small Business

See a listing of what is included.

The Library of Content is updated quarterly and includes the text, HTML and podcast files to make website and all your marketing efforts more productive and easier.

Branded Linked Services

For those looking for an effective way to add tools, resources and information to their websites, we offer branded linked sites.

Explore Linked Services
Online Resource Library - for consumers
Learn more Sample
Financial Foundation Center - for young adults
Learn more Sample
Small Business Resource Center - for owners and managers
Learn more Sample
Podcast Library - for audio listeners
Learn more Sample

Adding a branded linked site to your website is fast and simple, usually only take a day or two. Social media content can also be included.


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