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IRA or Roth IRA?

The contribution limits are the same, but the eligibility and benefits are different.

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Reaching a point of financial security is a process that takes time, takes effort and may take some sacrifices. However, the results are worth it. By starting early, you can put time on your side. By doing a few things right from the beginning, you can make that process easier and minimize the sacrifices you may be forced to make later. Read more ...

Build Your Financial Foundation
Getting started in the right way Dealing with life events Thinking about short term and long term issues
Have a financial strategy First Apartment Defining a good financial life
Develop good financial habits First Job Planning for purchases
Build a solid credit history First Budget Marriage and money
Have an organized financial system First Financial Relationship Having children and money
Fundamentals of insurance First Credit Card Divorce and money
Fundamentals of borrowing First Car Considering starting a business
Fundamentals of investing First Investments Beginning to think about college funding
Fundamentals of taxes First House Beginning to think about retirement
Fundamentals of retirement planning First Income Tax Return Beginning to think about estate planning
Measure your financial progress First Job Change Building your financial literacy

Learn more about the financial issues you care about
Useful Financial Articles New Financial & Life Events Home & Residence
Insurance Investing Retirement
Taxes & Estate Planning For Parents Small Business

Worksheets to help you organize your finances
Calculators to help you evaluate your alternatives

Disclaimer - The information and articles in this Financial Tool Kit are meant to be educational in nature. Each person must consider his or her objectives, risk tolerances and level of comfort when making financial decisions. In many cases, seeking the advice of competent professional advisors can ensure the decisions you make will be best suited for your situation.