Resources and Ideas

Providing useful website resources can be one of the most valuable services you provide to consumers. Calculators are important, but consumers also want relevant information to better understand their issues and make informed decisions.

Here are some ideas that you may find helpful as you consider how Financial Wisdom content can be put to work:

Best Uses of Financial Wisdom Content - Starting with a central content source, you can use the content in multiple ways - in resource centers on your website, as content in e-newsletters and as your social media efforts (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs).

Content Selection Guide - The Library of Content has over 300 articles for consumers and small businesses. You may want to select content by topic, by time of the year or based on external events.

Using Financial Wisdom Content in an Electronic Newsletter Program - Electronic newsletters are becoming communication avenue of choice for many institutions and consumers. They can be more cost effective than traditional paper newsletters, provide more flexibility and enable readers to take immediate action. Combining informative content with your marketing messages will make the electronic more interesting and more effective.

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