Why Financial Podcasts?

The answers are quite simple - Need and Convenience.

The challenges facing consumers are real and they are large. Their faith and trust in the financial system has been shaken. Consumers need help to reach their financial goals from a source they can trust.

In addition, they want that information whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. Time spent commuting, exercising or just listening to an iPod or MP3 player can utilized to learn more about the financial issues consumers care about.


Growing Podcast Use

While we may think that iPods are only for music, that is not the case. (Visit the iTunes Store and see the number of financial podcasts available.)

A report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that the number of those downloading podcasts is increasing across all age groups. In addition, those with higher educations and higher income levels were found to be downloading podcasts even more.


Adding the Podcast Library to Your Website is Simple

We brand the site with your identification and send the URL that you add to your site. We can also provide the URLs of the individual podcasts. The entire process usually takes only a day or two.



  • $300 per month
  • No set up fees or long term commitment
  • Billing Quarterly

Visit a sample Financial Wisdom Podcast Library

Other Podcast Options

For those that wish to customize the podcasts with references to their products and services in the audio, the Financial Wisdom Library of Content services includes both the audio files and the scripts to make that process simpler.

There is also Social Media content (short introductions to podcasts) that can be used in conjunction with the Podcast Library.


Financial Wisdom Podcast Library

Add a library of podcasts to your website to help consumers take control of their financial future. Adding the Financial Wisdom Podcast Library to your site is easy and fast. The site is branded with your logo, activated and you add one link.

Your website visitors can listen and learn while visiting your site or download podcasts to listen as they wish.

Visit a sample Financial Wisdom Podcast Library

Podcast Library - 50 podcasts - averaging 4 to 6 minutes


  • Starting on the Road to Financial Security
  • Financial Planning Basics
  • Establishing Good Financial Habits
  • Build a Solid Credit History
  • Organizing Your Financial Life
  • Fundamentals of Borrowing
  • Fundamentals of Planning for Retirement
  • Fundamentals of Insurance
  • Fundamentals of Investing
  • Fundamentals of Income Taxes

New Life Events

  • Filling Out The Paperwork For Your First Job
  • Renting your First Apartment
  • Buying Your First Car
  • Establishing a Relationship with a Financial Institution
  • Getting and Using Your First Credit Card
  • Filing Your First Income Tax Return
  • Buying Your First House
  • Handling Your First Retirement Plan Distribution When Changing Jobs

Day-to-Day Issues

  • Keeping Your Financial Life Simple
  • Make Your Money Work For You
  • Ten Reasons to Consider Online Banking
  • Certificates of Deposit for Your Cash Reserves
  • Automatic Savings Plans to Reach Your Financial Goals
  • Planning for Major Purchases or Expenses
  • Preparing to Borrow
  • Pay More Than The Credit Card Minimum
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Safe Deposit Boxes

Longer Term Issues

  • Defining and Setting Goals for a Good Financial Life
  • Building Your Financial Literacy
  • Getting the Life Insurance You Need
  • Building a Stock Portfolio
  • Investing in Mutual Funds
  • Investing in Bonds
  • Investing in U. S. Treasuries
  • Considering Starting a Business
  • Beginning to Think About Estate Planning

Family Issues

  • Marriage and Money
  • Having Children and Money
  • Teaching Young Children About Money
  • Beginning to Think About College for Children
  • Divorce and Money

Protecting Your Finances

  • Prevent Credit Identity Theft
  • Monitor Your Financial Identity by Reviewing Your Credit Report
  • Protecting Your Credit Card Activities
  • Protecting Your Internet Activities and Electronic Data
  • Protecting Against Investment Scams on the Internet
  • Examples of Common Email Scams
  • Protecting Your Mail
  • Shredding Personal Documents and When to Dispose of Them

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