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The Online Resource Library provides the financial tools, resources and information to help consumers better understand their financial issues and make better financial decisions.

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Along with providing the Online Resource Library as a link on your website, you may also want to consider using the 150 informative articles in other ways as part of your electronic and traditional marketing efforts.

Using the Online Resource Library to Supplement Product Pages
Along with providing this service as a destination for learning, you may want to add a "Learn More" or "Articles of Interest" box to product pages with links to relevant articles. Here are just a few to consider:

Relevant Articles for 15 Products and Services
Checking Accounts
Make Your Money Work for You
Direct Deposit
The Right Types of Cash Accounts
Savings Accounts
Building a Savings Cushion
Automatic Savings Programs
Save For Any Reason
Children Accounts
Custodial Accounts for Children
College Funding Options
Save For College
Planning for Major Purchases
The Importance of the Federal Reserve
Building a Ladder of CDs
IRAs and Retirement
An IRA Refresher
Four Components of a Secure Retirement
Can $5000 IRA Contributions Add Up?
Online Banking
Ten Reasons to Consider Online Banking
Protecting Internet Activities and Electronic Data
Keeping Your Financial Life Simple
Credit Cards
Evaluating Credit Cards
Protecting Your Credit Card Activities
Pay More Than the Credit Card Minimum
Evaluating Mortgage Types
Consider Refinancing Regardless of Rates
Refinancing Your Mortgage
Home Equity Loans
Tax Implications of Home Ownership
Combining Your Real Estate Loans*
Home Equity Loans
Auto Loans
Buying Your First Car
Reduce Your Auto Payments
Financing Your Car
Personal Loans
Developing a Wise Borrowing Strategy
Preparing to Borrow
Debt Consolidation
Financial Planning Services
Nine Financial Planning Basics
Planning for Your Financial Life Stages
Starting on the Road to Financial Security
Trust Services
Basics of Estate Planning
Estate Planning is More Than Minimizing Taxes
The Meaning of Probate
Investment Services
Asset Allocation
Building a Stock Portfolio
Financial Market Indicators
Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe Deposit Boxes
Have an Organized Financial System
Family Records Almanac

Helping website visitors put their financial issues into a perspective, your products and services become logical solutions. The end result is that the consumer makes a better informed decision and choose your product. The articles with * include integrated calculators to help consumers evaluate their options even better. We have identified 15 typical products or services and 3 relevant articles for each. You can choose others, if you wish.

Using the Online Resource Library as Part of an Electronic Newsletter Program
The use of electronic newsletters is growing. Consumers like the convenience of email and electronic newsletters can be more cost effective and are good for the environment. Deciding what to communicate becomes easier with the articles in the Online Resource Library. Adding informative content to your marketing messages makes electronic newsletters more interesting and effective.

Many organizations use a format with summaries in the email with links back to other web pages. With the Online Resource Library, you simply add those links to your emailed newsletter. When a reader clicks on the link in the newsletter, they would link to the full article found in your Online Resource Library.

Using the Online Resource Library in your Social Media Marketing Efforts
Financial Wisdom has created over 150 short introductions (120 characters or less) that can be used as tweets or posted as updates on Facebook. You simply link the post to the corresponding article found in the Online Resource Library.

For example:
ine suggestions to help organize your financial affairs can serve as a guideline for a lifetime of financial control. Link.

Using the Online Resource Library Content in Other Marketing Efforts
As a user of the Online Resource Library, you are free to use the content in newsletters, brochures, advertisements or as handouts. You can modify the content as desired and there is no need to attribute it to Financial Wisdom.

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