Best Uses of Financial Wisdom Content

Financial educational content can be provided to website visitors and as part of your outbound marketing communications.

For your website visitors
With a central library of articles and other tools, you can use "resource center front pages" to provide access to those resources for specific groups of website visitors, such as young adults, all consumers and small businesses.

For your outbound marketing communications
You can also use the content in electronic newsletters by including introductions to the articles in the newsletter with links to the full articles located in the central library. Shorter introductions (120 characters or less) can be used for social media applications - Facebook, Twitter, Blogs.

Putting this to work

Step #1
Build a central content source
- A central location for all of your content will simplify everything. The Library of Content has two main folders for website content - one for regular HTML files and one for files relating to podcasts. Using this organizational structure will help guide how content can be used and make the process of updating content easier.

Step #2
Determine how content will be offered to website visitors
- Resource centers for different types of visitors will help ensure that visitors get content relevant to their wants and needs. The Library of Content includes HTML templates for "front pages" of these types of resource centers. You may want to use these templates as starting points for building resource centers to add to your website.

  • Online Resource Library - for consumers
  • Financial Foundation Center - for young adults
  • Small Business Resource Center - for business owners and managers
  • Podcast Library - for audio listeners.

Step #3
Determine how content can be used in outbound efforts
- Finding content for e-newsletters and social media posting can be a troubling question. The articles and podcasts from a central content source can be the answer. Use short introductions with links to articles or podcasts. The Library of Content includes almost 300 short introductions to podcasts, articles for consumers and articles for small business.

Our Online Resource Library branded linked service also includes short introductions for use in social media efforts.

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