Which Financial Wisdom Service Best Fits Your Needs?

Thank you for your interest in our services. One of the questions we often get is "We would like to have Financial Wisdom content available on our website, but which service is best?"

The answer usually depends on the answers to two questions:

  • How do you want to use the content?
  • Do you wish to allocate internal resources to the initial and ongoing management of the content?

Financial Wisdom offers two types of services - "pure content" with the CD-based Library of Content and branded linked sites.

If you wish to fully integrate the content into the design of your site and customize the content with references to your products, the Library of Content provides the flexibility you want. You choose the content you want and how to present and manage it. The CD includes HTML formatted articles (as well as in Word format) and "front page" templates that you can customize if you wish. However, keeping the content current will take some effort. Each quarterly Library of Content update includes new and modified content that you will want to review and probably integrate into your site. Over a year, there will probably be over 100 articles that change.

If you do not want to devote resources to the ongoing updating, Financial Wisdom handles that responsibility with our branded linked services. You simply add one link from your website to your branded site.

Library of Content - This CD based service provides the greatest selection of content with over 350 articles for consumers and small businesses. The content includes all articles in Word format and several worksheets. If you want to use the content on your website, the CD also includes the HTML formatted files for a Financial Library and "front page" templates for reference sites for consumers, young adults and small business.

As a subscriber you can choose what content to use and how to use it. You can edit it and incorporate references to your products as you wish. You can also use the content in your other marketing efforts. An annual subscription to the Library of Content costs $5000. A subscription includes the initial CD and three quarterly updates.

Branded Linked Services - For institutions that want to provide financial tools, resources and information for their website visitors without the ongoing content management, Financial Wisdom offers the Online Resource Library for consumers, the Financial Foundation Center for young adults and the Small Business Resource Center. Each of these sites is branded with your name and logo. Financial Wisdom hosts and manages (updates) the sites and you simply add one link to your website that takes website visitors to your branded site. Branding and activating the site usually only takes a day or two.

The structure of the branded linked sites also provides the flexibility for you to add links from your product pages to relevant articles. This structure can also be used as part of an electronic newsletter program. As a user of these services, you can also "cut and paste" content into your other marketing materials. The cost of a branded linked site is $300 per month. There are no set up fees and no long term commitments. Billing is quarterly in advance and you can cancel at any time.

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