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Subscription Agreement

Financial Wisdom Library of Content

Content for your website and other marketing efforts

The Financial Wisdom Library of Content Service provides a wide selection of financial educational content for use in all your electronic and traditional marketing efforts. The annual subscription service also includes HTML files for a Financial Library and resource centers, social media content, files for an online class, the Family Records Almanac and educational content for your your branch kiosks and electronic signs.

Use the articles as you wish - on your website, in newsletters and other marketing activities. Modify them to include your products and services. Add links to direct website visitors to other parts of your site.

The Main Library includes over 350 articles for consumers and small business owners. It is updated quarterly with new articles and changes to existing articles. See a listing.

Other Features of the Financial Wisdom Library of Content

HTML Files - A Financial Library as well as a series of front page templates (for consumers, young adults and small business) can organize and simplify the process of adding content to your website.

Social Media Content - NEW! - Over 200 short (less than 120 characters) introductions with links to related articles or podcasts can be used as tweets or posts to provide a stream of useful messages.

Podcasts - 50 mp3 podcast files, averaging 4 to 6 minutes, are included. In addition, the scripts can be customized to create your versions of these informative podcasts.

Electronic Display Content - Financial Factoids and Questions & Answers can make your kiosks and branch signage more effective. Financial educational content will encourage consumers to think about their finances and how your institution can help them reach their financial goals. Over 200 short, useful and informative pieces of content are included.

The Family Records Almanac is a series of files that web visitors can download and print to help them keep important family and financial information in one handy place.

Click for a current listing of what is included. - This includes descriptions of the articles as well as suggestions on how the articles can be customized and linked to your other parts of your website.

The Financial Wisdom Library of Content was created to be a flexible and complete source of financial educational content for all your marketing efforts. With an annual subscription for $5000, you receive an initial CD with the complete Library and three quarterly updates.

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