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Your personal savings may be the only component of your retirement plan you completely control. Having more is better than having less. Set a goal, determine what you need to save to each and start saving the easy way. Buying a new car is exciting, but can be stressful. You can reduce that stress by having all of the financial aspects in place before you step into the showroom.
Your IRA is one of the four main components of a financially secure retirement. Start a monthly automatic savings plan and fund your IRA contribution by the end of the year. Choosing a mortgage should include evaluating mortgage types, rates, lengths, terms and your financial objectives.
Your mortgage payment is determined by the rate and how much you borrow. There is little you can do to reduce the rate, but you can reduce your make your payments smaller with a larger down payment. Compare payments with different rates and different down payments. The spread between rates on ARMs and fixed mortgages has shrunk considerably over the past few years. Now may be the time to refinance into a fixed rate mortgage.
If you are planning on buying or leasing a car, a larger down payment will make your monthly payments smaller. Compare payments with a larger down payment and start an automatic monthly savings plan now. Periodically examining your existing mortgage and potential mortgage options makes sense. As part of this review, be sure to review rates, mortgage types, costs and your financial objectives.
If a vacation is in your plans, consider the financial aspects along with your itinerary. How much is it going to cost and how are you going to pay for it? Take a few steps now and you will enjoy it even more. The equity in your home can be a powerful tool in managing your overall financial situation. Home equity loans can provide convenience, attractive rates, tax benefits and flexibility.
If a honeymoon is in your plans, consider the financial aspects along with your itinerary. How much is it going to cost and how are you going to pay for it? Take a few steps now and you will enjoy it even more. If you have a mortgage and home equity loan, now may be the time to consider consolidating them into a new mortgage. Evaluate your options and make an informed decision.
While costs vary from school to school, the costs of sending a child or grandchild to college are high and getting higher. Learn what those costs may be for your family and how to start saving the easy way. Credit cards are convenient, but they often charge high interest rates on unpaid balances. Replacing credit card debt with a home equity loan may save you money and provide other benefits.
Having more money is almost always better than having less. You may be thinking of a vacation, new car, addition to your home, retirement, or just having a larger savings balance. The amount you want to save is up to you, but an automatic savings plan can make reaching that goal easier. Debt consolidation is debt management, not debt elimination. However, you owe it to yourself to evaluate how consolidating many of your debts into one may save you money and make your financial life less stressful.

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